The Pixel Tablet will include a stylus.

Google revealed several devices that will be released in the near future at the Google I/O event yesterday, one of which is the Pixel tablet. Today, DroidPoin learned that the device will reportedly support a stylus!

The Universal Stylus InitiativeUniversal Stylus Initiative (USI) revealed this after listing the Pixel tablet dubbed "Tango" on its website. As the name implies, USI develops standards for styluses that work across brands, and Google is not a newcomer. Because they have been a member since 2018, and some Chromebooks support stylus input.

Hujat Technology has not yet received full details on the type of stylus Google will use. However, according to the most recent leak, the Pixel tablet stylus will support wireless charging. However, we may have to wait until the device is unveiled next year for more detailed information.